To the Masses:

Let me open with a quote:
"When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do."

I used to be proud to live in this country and call myself an Italian-American. Events of late have forced me to take a look at my beliefs and rethink how I felt. I am no longer proud to live in this country, I am not an Italian-American, I am simply Italian.

Laura (from More information is coming out about the terrorist ties of the man behind the ground zero mosque, imam rauf, which the media refuses to investigate and New York’s political establishment doesn’t care to know. Read also about how these muslim brotherhood front groups are engaging in stealth jihad to destroy America from within and institute sharia law. Rauf’s wife is linked to an islamic paramilitary group, the islamic circle of North America, which is an arm of Pakistan’s Jamaat e-Islami. Why do we allow this crap to take place on our own soil? What is wrong with us that we sit passively by while our enemies boldly wage war against us from within our own nation? What has become of us as a nation that we are so terrified of aggressively confronting and resisting the jihadis?

I couldn't agree with Laura more. This nation has gone down the toilet. The "president" bows to leaders of terrorist nations. He buries "his own country" while trying to support this countries enemies. It's obvious beyond words that Obama was the worst thing to happen to this country. Ever. Where were the days that people cared about the Constitution? Or this country's laws? Obviously no one cares anymore. Or we wouldn't have a "president" who isn't even a natural born citizen of the USA. The majority of this ignorant country's population looked no further than the color of his skin. Whereas his opponent, John McCain, was a war hero. To be completely honest, if Hilary ran, I would have voted for her over this foreign-born puppet we currently have leading this country. "Leader of the free world" no longer means anything. In half a term Obama has ruined this country worse than any previous presidents could have.

Obama purposefully does his best to break one of our longest standing and most important alliances. For those ignorant masses, I am referring to Israel. Without Israel to man the front lines against those terrorist states in the Middle East, who would take up arms to defend democracy? Obviously not the USA. Take, for example, the recent rape case in New Jersey. The judge ruled that the husband did NOT rape his wife because he was muslim. According to MUSLIM LAW, not UNITED STATES LAW, a wife is to submit fully to her husband. This includes providing sex when demanded. If she refuses, the husband can simply take it, eg: rape her. This may be acceptable in those backwards countries where muslim law rules, but I thought this was the United States of AMERICA? Apparently I am incorrect, as it seems this is becoming the United States of ISLAM under this president.

Obama wants to condemn Israel for their COMPLETELY LEGITEMATE AND LEGAL blockade of Gaza? I suppose then, that the USA should also be condemned for its blockade of Cuba? I suppose then also that Israel should make a public announcement to the world each time it is going to undertake an operation for Israel's national security? If the USA made such announcements, I doubt the news would cover much of anything else.

I also want to take this time to applaud Jon Voight. For being the one person in Hollywood to have the guts, the BALLS, to say what he did in his open letter the Obama. Unlike the ignorant (naive?) masses of the USA, I expected lies to be proven over the course of Obama's presidency. Since it started with a lie, why shouldn't it end with one (or 100)? Every other president in the past 60-some years we have had an alliance with Israel has supported them regardless of their personal feelings. Obviously, this president is different. Oh yea, he's muslim, so that makes his anti-Semitism A-OK, right? I mean, it is expected from him. At least from where I'm sitting it is. Few and far between are those muslims or arabs who live side-by-side with the Jeweish people without hate in their heart. This "president" has shown his hate for Israel. This is apparent to me, I am not sure why it is not so apparent to everyone else.

I will try to wrap this up now, but I do appreciate you taking the time to read this. Feel free to post it if you like.

To the Democratic world in general: Support of Israel should be COMPLETELY UNCONDITIONAL. This should be COMMON SENSE to you "World Leaders", but apparently it needs to be said.

To Obama (no, I will not acknowledge him as anything but "Obama". He is not a LEGAL president.): DO YOUR FUCKING JOB (excuse the language). That is to protect the USA. Not islam. Your JOB is to protect the USA and her ALLIES. Israel is one of those allies. If you can't do your job due to your anti-Semitism or religion, step down.

To Prime Minister Netanyahu: Do not bend to the will of the world. The world is populated by idiots. Your sworn duty is to protect your people. Do so, and regret nothing you do in pursuit of that duty. Appeasement is NOT acceptable. This can also be said to every Minister in your cabinet, tell them it's a statement from me.

To Gabi Ashkenazi (or his successor): You want unconditional support? You have it with me. I have tons of ideas I've been kicking around. If you would like to discuss those, let's have a chat.

To the people of Israel: I stand with you. And I mean this wholeheartedly. If you need proof, give me a gun and I'll stand a post with the brave men and women of the IDF.

In closing, I wish to enclose something I came across on Facebook:
"Gilad Shalit is a young Israeli soldier who was brutally captured on 25 June 2006 by Palestinian militants on the southern Gaza border. He has been held hostage in Gaza for four years now, by the radical Islamic organization Hamas. Gilad's parents, friends, the UN, the Red Cross, doctors or even a lawyer have not been allowed to speak with him, visit him or check up on him in all these years. Now we demand his release. On this day we say: Bring Gilad home!"
Gilad Shalit has been held for far too long. He must be brought home.

With Respect,
Christopher Ciufo