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  • Five Open-Source Projects AI Enthusiasts Might Want to Know About>
  • Feb 10

    Linux is arguably software developers? favorite OS. Over 14,000 contributors have invested countless hours in developing the Linux Kernel. With Linux becoming increasingly popular due to its security and flexibility, developers who are interested in artificial intelligence (AI) may want to explore the possibilities within the Linux environment.
  • Open-Source Security Projects: Choosing a Brandable .com Domain>
  • Feb 4

    LinuxSecurity would like to thank for contributing this article.The importance of an open-source security project name can?t be overstated. A name serves as a first impression. It?s your first chance to tell people who you are and what you do. An impactful name is the best way to convey your value and what you can offer to clients. So, when it comes to open source security projects, finding a name that shows you are capable, trustworthy, and secure can determine your reach and success.